5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t working

A lot of business of owners do not usually take the marketing  serious, but if you want customers or clients to find a reason to patronize you, then it’s pretty much required. While marketing isn’t pretty much challenging, it’s more than just nice graphics and strategically placed fonts. It’s how you communicate your value and build relationships with potential buyers. There’s not a single “right” way to go about your marketing, but there are a few things you should definitely take note of.


1) You Do Not Have a Target Audience.

Marketing to “anyone with money” is not a thing, but note that having a target audience will help you greatly when it comes to your branding, your marketing strategy, your copy, and the products or services you offer. If you’re trying to fascinate  everyone, you’re probably fascinating to no one, so the more specific you can be in terms of who your product/service is for, the better!

Marketing without a target audience is really just putting your products or ideas out into the world and hoping someone will buy it.

Define your target audience. Figure out what makes them tick. Figure out where they hang out online? What social media platforms are they active on? What communities do they belong to? What problems do they have? If you’re just getting started this is very essential.


2) You Do Not Have a Strategic Plan.

You can spend hours and hours on “marketing” but if you don’t have a strategic plan, you could be wasting a lot of your time! You can’t just post whatever you feel like on social media or spend hours taking pretty photos or graphics  without a goal in mind.

Your marketing actions should always have a purpose, and you should be leading your customers down an intentional path.

Think about your client or customer journey. For example, most of my clients find me on social media. Either they come across my Instagram post, Ads or promotion and click through or they come across my tweet or thread and then get attracted, even get to know more about what i have to offer.

Mapping out a strategic plan will not only help you figure out what content you need to create and share, but it will also keep you on track to actually accomplish your goals.


3) You Plan But Do Not Take Action.

Taking time to make a plan and then not taking action more worse than not having a strategic plan.

You can research and strategize and plan for months, but if you don’t take action, you fail before you even get started. 

In reality there’s no such thing as a perfect plan, Some things will not go as planned. You need to learn to adapt and It will all be ok.  Set aside time each week specifically for marketing activities. Put it on your calendar. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you’re dedicating time to taking ACTION rather than just making to-do lists. Instead of scrolling through Instagram and liking pretty photos, set a goal to connect with 10 potential clients and actively engage with their content leaving meaningful comments.


4) You Are Not Consistent.

For 99.9999% of people, success doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re not showing up consistently to connect with your audience, to build brand awareness, and to promote your products / services, then you’re doing yourself and your business a damage. Consistency breeds credibility.

Marketing isn’t something that you can do for just a minute until you get busy and forget about it.

Only a fraction of your audience is seeing your social media post or engaging with you, so if you’re not being consistent, you’re not maximizing your reach. Post as frequently as you can be consistent, quality above quantity, always ensure that you’re communicating consistently.


5) You Are Not Paying Attention To Your Analytics. 

The only way to really know if you marketing is “working” is to track your results. 

 Use the available tools to track your marketing activities. each social media platform or scheduler has it’s own analytics, and for your analytics to be relevant, you need to establish specific goals. For example, if one of your goals is to use Twitter to drive more traffic to your profile, then you should be tracking your Twitter Analytics traffic. check what post they engage in more, always hashtag your brand name to every of your posts, always comment, reply to comments and engage your followers, know what’s trending (you may not engage in all). you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.



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