Time Wasting Habits And How To Manage Your Time

Time wasting habits tend to form over time. Time wasting habits holds back from achieving set goals. Yet most people end up with a couple, or a lot, of them. Which is why I want to share some common time wasting habits holding you back. So that we can also discuss how to address each one so you can learn how to waste less time!

And the first step to addressing these time wasting habits is a self-evaluation of which ones you have. Then after you have determined which of the bad time wasting habits you have, then you can start to take action to get rid of them. So let’s jump into the list of time wasting habits and how to address them.

1. Debating on meals

Taking time to figure out what or where you are eating ends up taking up too much of your time.

Especially when there is more than 1 person involved. Looking at menus and debating driving distances for an entire hour of your day which you could be using much more productively.

Solution– meal planning! Make a list of what you will eat every day for the week. It’s as easy as that

2. No to-do list

You think of things in your mind that you have to get done but then you don’t write them down. Which un-shockingly means that things can get forgotten or not completed when you’re supposed to, you always need to write out your schedule, and also assign a particular time frame to get them done. So that you can balance work, play and others perfectly

Solution– start writing daily, weekly, and monthly to do lists. Writing the list don’t only help you remember to get things done, it also remind you of things to do

3. Falling for distractions

Distractions are all around us and with all of the technology available to us it’s becoming increasingly easy to get distracted with them. We all stay glued too much to most of them which deny us of getting other things done!

Solution– start by making a conscious decision to complete important tasks you start without switching to having fun in the day.

4. Saying YES to everything

We all want to make everyone happy but there becomes a point where saying yes to everyone and everything means that you aren’t able to accomplish what you want to.

I wouldn’t call saying yes to everyone a “bad” habit but it definitely is a habit that can be holding you back from getting things done!

Solution: Give attention to important events only!

5. Too much Netflix

This falls into the screen time part but it’s a more specific issue. So many people fall into the Netflix trap as soon as they get home from work. Even if it is intended to just be “background” noise it can still be distracting and it can easily suck you in.

Solution– Don’t Turn it On until you have accomplished your major goals for the day. Make it more of a reward rather than a necessity for the day.

6. Distracting Notifications

That very moment you made up your mind to get things done, but those notifications keep popping in., You tend to loose focus again

Solution– Go into your settings and turn off Your Data Connection so you can concentrate on your current task.

Hoping to see you guys list other Time Wasting Habits You’re Stucked on in the comment section!

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