Bad Habits You Should Break For A Happier Life

Bad habits would stop you from achieiving set goals, irrespective of who you are, bad habits would chase people away from you. These habits will break you as an individual. Some of these behaviours you’ll see here are bad habits you should do away with, so you can live a happy and fulfilling life.

1. Ignoring responsibilities

Ignoring things you’re meant do at a right time will take a very negative toll on you. You ignore these duties, and this makes you temporarily happy, while you will later have to do those responsibilities in haste, and at a wrong time. Dear lovely friend, please start doing things right. You have to allocate a sufficient amount of time for each and every task.

2. Acting bossy

In fact, extremely bossy people often have the saddest lives, live alone all their lives and yes, they die alone. Nobody wants to associate with them, as a result of the way they treat people like trash. Just because you’re in a position of higher authority doesn’t make you to treat others like they are inferior. No champion forever. Your happiness is sure to die out, turning you into a very bitter person, which could in turn make you lose out on different opportunities.

3. Stop criticizing

Always appreciate whatever someone else does in a bid to achieve some certain goals. Sometimes, words of achievement and encouragement might be what some individuals need to keep moving. You shouldn’t undermine people’s efforts. So if you have a habit of doing this in the past, be sure to break this bad habit in order to start living happily.

4. Mimicking (doing what others do)

Sometimes, you should not do what everyone else does. Sometimes you need to stand out on your own as different people can perform better with different innovations. Don’t copy others to an extend that you lose yourself and no longer believe in your innovations. Be yourself. Believe your own original work and ideas. Surely, your fears would be failure. But that’s exactly where your mentors come in. Instead of copying them, take a few lessons from them or ask about the way they go about doing things? Input those newly learned lessons into your own work and you’ll be amazed at the outcome.

5. Procrastination

Procastination as they say, is the enemy of man; “Don’t worry, I’ll do it later” has stopped so many great ideas right in their tracks.

Is there something you’re meant to be doing that you left undone? Why ? If you don’t have any valid reason, like you’re ill or a loved one is ill, then you that’s procastination!

Leaving chores or activities you’re supposed to be doing and watching netflix is something that will kill your happiness bit by bit until there’s none left. Jump out of it today. Give attention to things that are meant to be done, and get them done rightly!

6. Cut down Social Media

Social media can be considered a good thing at times, but definitely not all the time. Be sure limit social media usage as there are several negative posts that could put you down and affect your happiness. When you’re feeling inferior or pressured by social media, always remember, even Elon Musk has bad pores and dark circles.

7. Always complaining

Stop Nagging! It’s not the solution to every of your problems! You should learn to stop complaining about situations and instead try to take control of them. This will definitely give you a happier life.

8. Self-doubt

Trust me, this is one of the worst things to every do to yourself. Never have little or no faith in yourself, especially when you’re on the verge of getting somethings done. If you continue doubting every move you make, you’ll only end up never achieving anything.

9. Deceit

The end result is sure to affect your happiness in more bad ways. You will get stained as an individual and nobody would love to involve in any business with you.

In order to avoid this, try your best to be as truthful and honest about anything you’re involved in so you can give your happy meter a boost!

10. Stop avoiding water

It might seem unnecessary but honestly nothing beats staying hydrated. Water should be like your best friend. Not your ex you text when you’re drunk!

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