Content Marketing ; The New Oil Money

Content creation and marketing have taken a tremendous upsurge in the job market today. A lot of people want to pursue a career in content marketing but they don’t want to do the real work which requires “commitment and consistency”.

Becoming a content marketer is entirely different from putting the aspiration into practice, there is no aspire to perspire in the industry, you will have to put in a lot of hardwork.

If you want to pursue a content marketing career, you need to build and develop your skills and really sharpen your “consistency spirit”, bribe the spirit if need be. Here are some of the ways you can build your skills to become a content marketer

1. Improve Your Writing Skills

A person looking to start a career in content marketing ought to be really good with words. The importance of this skill cannot be exaggerated. The first step to begin your career is by improving your writing skills. Take a job which incorporates a copywriting position, or go for any career in content writing which involves a significant amount of writing. Not only will it help build your writing skills but also give you the basis you need to excel . There is a list of marketing careers you can pursue with time as you expand your skills. Do know that superb writers are difficult to find and replace?. Thus, you need to ensure you are amongst them.

2. Be Broad, Be in-Vogue…

In Today’s World, aspiring content marketers should note that content creation shouldn’t be limited to writing. Content Writing has grown within years to come in different form that can be more pleasing to various audiences. Contents are being made in Video form recently, and unarguably, it’s the best way to attract the audience. Visual or Video contents are having their way today, a lot of guys are doing great with their comedy skits on instagram, likes of Brodashaggi, DeboMaccaroni etc.

3. Develop Technical Skills

If you want to pursue content marketing, you must have technical skills. Content marketers work in WordPress and other content management systems. Other sought-after or desired technical skills include coding¸ HTML, CSS, SEO, and Google Analytics, among several others. Many organizations offer to train people who have basic technical skills to use particular programs. But, you can learn and develop your technical skills through reading, online training programs, and practicing before you land your position. It gives you better chances ahead of those without it.

4. Be Creative

Think creativity. Creativity is not an inherent or natural skill. However, you can activate your creativity. You can read books, write poetry, listen to podcasts… in short, do something you enjoy. Many small organizations look for content marketers who have design and brand development ideas. Many marketers do not only have a creative eye but also do some of the original work themselves.

5. Learn Courses that will help you become successful

Experience is vital in content marketing as it can take you really far. Going for ideal marketing courses can help you. When employers see a content marketing certification on your CV, they will know you have succeeded in your content marketing role. You can go in a list of courses that can help you become successful. You can pursue the best free online writing courses for new writers as well.

6.  Arranging your brand

If you are looking forward to start a content marketing career, it is important you understand what you will be marketing. Despite having a full-time marketing career, you can arrange your brand by keeping it fresh and attractive. Post content in your website or blog and social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram and more. Keep in touch with your connections and engage them as much as you can on the platform. Attend networking occasions in your business intermittently. It will help you to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

Top Benefits of Content Writing

1. It helps  in fueling your social media engagement and PR results

When a visitor lands on a piece of content on your site and finds it helpful, clever, touching, powerful, or entertaining, they become o‍ne more possible advocate for your brand. Those people who convert to brand advocates are transformative for your marketing ROI.

Once you create a brand advocate, that person will follow you on social media and genuinely engage with your business. They’ll share your content with their friends (and possibly thousands of their online friends) and make recommendations. And they’ll lend their voices to amplify yours.

These brand advocates wouldn’t be possible without great content. They can’t share your content and help your brand build an army of followers if they have nothing to connect to in the first place.

In doing so, those publications springboard your results from grassroots to top-down. When a top blog or media site has something to share, other publishers perk up their ears. Soon they start linking to your content, too.

2. Creates Your brand awareness

Whether someone encounters your content in the SERPs, an industry resource, or a link from a friend, they encounter it. Then they share it and others encounter it. And before you know it, you have a new army of brand advocates.

3. Connect with your audience

A certified Content writer knows how to connect through multiple formats.Your clients all have unique needs, and there’s not a general format that suits every need at once. Some people are visual learners, while others prefer to read. Others only want to skim bullet points, and still others would rather just watch a video or listen to a podcast. One of the benefits of content marketing? Keeping your voice and values consistent throughout while flexibly offering formats that meet many different customer needs.

These may include:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Photo essays
  • Lookbooks
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars & classes
  • Emails
  • Tools and templates
  • Interviews
  • Live Q&As

…And much more. The format can change according to what’s most appropriate or useful to the audience, and there’s plenty of room to experiment with how you deliver information. It give you the edge over others.

4. Builds brand affinity and loyalty

Don’t you love it when you’re so close with a person, you could finish each other’s sandwiches?

When your brand steps in to offer the exact content your customer/audience needs at exactly the right time? It’s a little bit like having that type of relationship with them. You help each customer/audience finish their sentences (or sandwiches), sometimes providing additional information they didn’t even know they needed. Your valuable content gives your visitor a set of tools to use as they navigate their interest or pain point. It can even arm them with a story to tell about it.

Pair that with an interesting (or hilarious, or entertaining, or sassy) brand personality. Soon people will become emotionally invested in your brand. Think of Four-eyed Edo Boy, who has become famous for his Twitter pun tweets. People are devoted to Four-eyed Edo boy not just because they love the product, but because they love the brand too.

Content marketing is the new oil money because everyone now lives on the internet, looking for one or two solutions to their daily challenges, if you provide contents that proffer  solutions to their problem, they become your army and brand advocate.


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