Do You Really Need To Emigrate To The USA?

In 2015, I applied for a degree program in a US university, they gave me the admission and even considered me for a scholarship of 5,000dollars, I was a bit younger and unexposed then, so I couldn’t handle the whole process myself.
I had paid a traveling agent 400,000 naira to run it for me, he collected my Nigerian passport and few other documents, this was my hard-earned money. To cut the long story short, I was duped.
Moving on was almost impossible, I felt like giving up, Oh my God, how do I pick up my self! All my savings have been emptied, I made this money from my tailoring, little did I know that I can make more without having to migrate to the United States.
It was hard but I moved on, I started picking myself up little by little, few months later, my American dream still resonates but guess what I stopped losing interest in the whole emigration thoughts and started building myself right here in Nigeria, I would not have discovered myself though, if not for the rekindle energy I grew, my aim then was to hustle harder, gather more money and reapply for the US visa, in the process of doing this, I started taking my business seriously, LOL Of course, maybe because I needed to make more money off it now, I stepped up my advertisement game and that was it, I started getting orders from people in other countries, including the USA , this time it was getting interesting, I haven’t been to the USA but my craft is representing me, I started realizing much more than the money I had projected, I started expanding, I was so conscious of my spending, maybe because of my ordeal. But it was all good and nice. My brand (Akeula trendy) is now known all over the world, so I sat down and ask myself; Hey man, Do you still want to leave? What exactly do you want to go and buy in the USA? Will you be as free and privileged as you are, in your home country? Pending the time you get a green card, what would you be doing? Are you going to forgo your brand’s momentum in Nigeria, to start all of over again in the States?
Fast forward to this moment, I am so happy that I didn’t go then and I don’t have plans to relocate again, of course I might consider touring the cities and other countries but never to relocate, trust me guys. Nigeria is filled with opportunities too, you just need to be
Enterprising, don’t rely on the failed system, create your own system, be hardworking and be prayerful.

7 thoughts on “Do You Really Need To Emigrate To The USA?

  1. I really like this, but u knw someone like me who is frm a poor home, the little one gets is for feeding and other needs, most times I become confused on Whr to starr building my business from esp in an area Whr almost everyone is a fashion designer ”
    I really want to do exploit with this work

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