How To Grow Your Small Business With Social Media

Are you just  starting up and wondering how to get clients? Or perhaps you’ve been running a business for some time and struggling to bring in any sales? In this post, you will understand the purpose of social media for your small business, how it works and how you can utilise it to consistently increase your sales and growth.

However, the first thing you’ll need to establish is which social media platform(s) you should be using, because in reality you don’t need them all. Once you’ve established your target market, and the best platform to engage with, then you can go all in on creating great content.

Aside from figuring out your target audience and platform, you’ll need to understand that in order for your small business to succeed on social media; you’ll either need to post great content, or engage with other people’s content instead. If you can manage to do both then you’ll be making it in no time. You can achieve this either by creating coherent content, such as regular social media posts, or alternatively you can utilise the paid route, by spending money on ads to shortcut your online.

Here are few tips that will help you in the process 😀


Organic content is anything that you produce that is not paid and can be found by users through a keyword search. This could also be considered content posted on a social media profile that is not boosted to a larger audience outside of the core followers.

The main purpose of ‘social media’ is to be social with others, Nobody logs into Facebook or Twitter to be sold to all the time, and the platforms recognise this.

There are plenty of social media platforms that are  worth investing your time into, such as facebook, Twitter,  Tik Tok,  & Linkedin to name a few depending on your business industry. I myself like to spend most of my time promoting my content on evergreen platforms likes Twitter, because it means that my content has greater longevity, and that it can still be found weeks, months if not years after it was originally posted. Evergreen platforms are great for people, like me, who like to focus on creating high-quality content, instead of rushing themselves whilst trying to keep up with Instagram’s algorithm.


If you’re looking to post your own social media content, then you must ensure that you’ve got a solid plan before you begin, otherwise you’ll just end up over saturating your posts. Posting for the sake of posting isn’t going to get you anywhere, instead you’ll want to understand who your ideal client is and what problems they’re facing, from there you can begin to build your posting schedule around answering the questions that could potentially be asking. If you don’t know, then you can always ask them!


Consistency has always and will forever be the solid rock of your business growth.

You’ll want to post regularly, and at a scheduled time too! Your followers will appreciate you posting at the same time each day, especially if it’s going to be a live video. If you’re stuck on what time to post then it’s generally fine to play around with the posting times for the first dozen or so posts, from there you can take a look at which posts seem to get the most engagement and then go from there.


While being  consistent in the amount of times you post, you’ve also got to maintain a high level of quality in those posts too. Your branding or video production doesn’t have to be Hollywood standard, however you’ll want to ensure that your posts make sense, there’s no spelling mistakes, and that the images aren’t blurry, amongst other things. Remember that your followers often associate the quality of your posts, with the quality of your products and services!


A vital part of growing an established followers is to ensure that you’re engaging with them when they comment on your posts, or better yet reach out on posts of potential customers and comment on their posts instead. It’s all about being social, so drop some likes and some genuine comments. Spread the love!


Not many people take the time to understand the psychology behind great advertisements, they think they can just put up a picture of their ‘designer’ jeans and that the world is going to flock towards them. It’s just not realistic.

As mentioned earlier, people don’t go on social media to be sold to. Instead you’re going to have to slowly gain their trust by offering them something that they want (or need) for a low, if not free price. The offer has to be irresistible, and more importantly it has to be relevant. That’s why you need to clearly identify who your target audience is, and why they would want your product (or service). Saying that “this applies to everyone” just isn’t good enough. If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one.


Highlight who your target audience is, put together a product or service offering that would be highly desirable for them, and offer it at an absolute bargain price.

Imagine that no one’s ever heard of your business (which might be true), so you need to do everything to reduce the ‘risk’ to the client in the transaction, making the offer affordable is one way to do that.

I believe that advertisement should be at the very start, and end, of your sales funnel. You start the process by offering affordable price or giveaways and then later on in the funnel you can use paid

Whether you choose to create your own content or engage with the content of others, you should strike a fine balance between quality and quantity.

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