How To Attract Big Opportunities and Connections In Life

If you think that opportunities and rewards will just fall into your lap itby playing around then you are a joke. Instead, you need to pop off the couch and find ways to attract opportunities to your life. There are certain good habits that you can fall into and make a part of your daily routine. It will get your name out there and make people aware of you. The more places your name floats around then the more people are aware you exist. Along the line, more opportunities will be thrown your way.

It’s really simple but a lot of people fail to do it. All it takes is making sure you put yourself out there. Granted that might take more work than you’re putting in now, but like I mentioned before good things don’t usually just fall into laps! As long as you keep pushing forward when it comes to your skills, sharing your accomplishments with your industry, and giving as many good vibes back as you receive, you’ll be on your way. Below are ways to attract opportunities to your life!

1. Let People Know You’re Out There

You can’t attract new opportunities your way if those opportunities don’t know where to knock. You need to get yourself out there and let people know you exist! And the best way to do that is to network. Networking with other people in your field can open up many new opportunities for career advancement. Not only should you network with people inside of your field but also network with people outside of your field. You never know what you may learn by networking with people of different occupations and trades.” If you hate the idea of eating muffins and talking to strangers at an event, you can always network in other ways. Get close to industry people you admire or think are influential on Twitter, Instagram, blogs, and you can always get into more in-depth conversations via email. If they know about you, they’ll send opportunities your way.

2. Say Goodbye To That Comfort Zone

If you stay where it’s always cozy and nice, you’ve got no chance to grow! By stepping outside of your comfort zone you’re giving yourself the chance to meet new people and land in new situations. Your aim is to create opportunities by stepping outside the comfort zone instead of waiting for them.

Are you not in the mood to go to that networking event? Grab your name badge and go. Are you too nervous to do that book reading? All the more reason to head out the door. Will you feel awkward going to a seminar or class alone? Just think of what might be waiting for you there! Get up and get things done!

3. Share What You’ve Got

Are you an amazing writer? Then you better be producing articles or blog posts of some kind. Do you have an eye for style? Share your fashion tips with vlogs or tutorials. Are you amazing at graphic design? Go Digital! Share some of your coolest tips and tricks. The more information you put out there, the more people will recognize your name and think of you as an expert. Create videos, power points, e-books, or even write a blog and give them away for free to other people in your industry! When you give back others in the form of knowledge, you are also giving back to yourself by selling yourself as an expert in that field. By establishing yourself as a person that knows what they’re about, your chances for getting opportunities and offers will increase exponentially.

4. Keep Track Of Your Accomplishments

The way to attract opportunities is to let people know you’re ready for those chances. You’ve had the experience, the training, and you’ll know how to handle situations when task are vested upon you. And how do you do that? Keep track of all your accomplishments and put them all on one spot, whether that’s an online portfolio, a blog, or online resume.

If clients or colleagues give you compliments, write them down. A compliment came in an email? print it. You exceeded last quarter’s sales goals? get the paperwork that proves it. Collect all your wins in one spot. People won’t have to go digging to find out if you’re worthy or not. Fast answers, fast offers.

5. Praise Others

Want good vibes thrown your way? First send some out yourself. Everyone out there is looking for opportunities and recognition, so help contribute. Whether you loved someone’s article and tweeted your praise, were impressed with a project and emailed your love, or covered their genius in a blog post, building people up will make them take notice of you and possibly do the same back. If you have a colleague who works as hard as you, then praise the person…Be specific, and sincere, about what the person is doing.” You never know what that kind of love can bring you. Definitely nothing negative.

6. See What Areas You Can Improve

The more developed, well-rounded, and newly-ambitious you are, the more opportunities you can nab. So to make sure you’re not stagnant or slowing down in your self-development, check in with your progress every month and see where you can bump up the energy. The key is to do monthly or quarterly self-reflection activities to evaluate your progress and analyze new areas requiring development. It is important to be systematic in your actions, as they will increase your chances in the long term to attract plenty of new opportunities.” Upwards and onwards!

7. Get Yourself A Mentor

Not only will you have someone to learn from, but you’ll have someone you’re close with that could vouch for your hard-working nature and your smarts. Mentors can offer valuable advice and career coaching. The chances are that the mentor has been through the same situations that you’re experiencing, and can help you navigate them successfully.” Also, if they’re your mentor chances are they’re higher up in the industry then you, and you never know what kind of people they can introduce you to or what kind of doors they can open. There are so many untapped opportunities waiting for you there.

The people in your life play a big role in who you become and the opportunities that come to you. They can either push you forward toward your dream or keep you stagnant. They can motivate you or discourage you. Those you surround yourself with influence the books you read, the programs you watch, the way you speak and even the goals you set. They affect how you act and spend your time.

Opportunities are there for you to seize them. They are fleeting and do not care about what you want or need in life. Opportunities care about your initiative and the talent you apply to turn them into something great. That means you have to step outside your comfort zone and go grab them.

Each meaningful action you take creates new possibilities in your life. Consider the soil; it doesn’t care about your need for food. It cares about your initiative to plant the seed. The key to creating opportunities, attracting more opportunities and realizing your dreams is definitive action.

So, bring initiative and talent to every opportunity that presents itself and you will attract more opportunities in your life every step of the way.

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