How To Be Consistent And Achieve Your Goals.

We all have big goals that we want to achieve in life. You may not necessarily call it a goal, but you definitely have a dream in one form or another.

The difference between these two is that a goal is simply a dream with a plan or strategy. So having a goal is generally what we should be aiming to do.

Achieving what you want in life takes a lot. First you need to know what you want, figure out how you will achieve it and set a timeline for yourself. yes, it’s a bit much.

This is why, even though many people may recognize what they want, set their goals and plan how they will achieve, MANY PEOPLE STILL FAIL TO ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.

Even with a clear plan and strategy and the passion for the work, sometimes it can get submerged and result in many people giving up and losing hope.

You come to realize that, you recognize your desire or goal, you make a plan that lays out how you will achieve said goal, set the timeline but somehow, you end up being part of the people that give up and don’t achieve their goals.

So what is missing?

The Building Block.

There is one main feature that is common across all successful people, and that is consistency!

If you want to achieve any goal, or to develop a new habit, the best way to achieve this is through being consistent.

Some people are lucky enough to be well disciplined and setting the goal is enough for them to focus on it and to consistently work on achieving their goals until they succeed.

For others, its end of the spectrum that requires a certain system or motivation to work consistently.

How Do You Become Consistent To Achieve Your Goals?


1. Find Your Trigger.

In order to stay consistent and achieve your goals, you first need to identify what is causing the lack of motivation.

Have you been on social media and comparing yourself to other people has let you down (learn how to avoid this here)?

Are you submerged by the amount of work that you have to do, so you’ve decided to just drop it?

Or have you simply lost sight of your reasons for even wanting to achieve that specific goal?

Whatever the reason may be, identifying what is causing the lack of motivation is the first step to fixing the problem and getting your trench back.

2. Have An Alternative Strategy.

Once you have found out what triggers the loss of motivation, it is good to have an alternative plan to help you get back to working on your goals.

So once you recognize yourself falling back into the stream of losing passion for your goals, you can put the back-up plan into motion.

You need to understand that losing consistency is a normal part of life; you just need to deal with it correctly.

You can start by reminding yourself of your “why”, your purpose for working on the goal. This will help you refocus on the goal and reminds you of its importance in your life.

At this point, you will re-energized and ready to continue working.

Alternatively, you might want to take a break by performing a different task before going back to working on your goal. You could watch movies on Netflix or hang out with friends, either one of these options could help re-energize you. And you can get back to working on your goals.

3. Just Do It Now

As a person, once you lose motivation it is not easy to go back to being consistent. It is just so much easier to put it off till another day.

We crave to start anew on a new day, new week, month, season or even year.

For example, if you’re having a busy week and  miss going to lesson or gym classes on Monday and Tuesday, you’re probably not going to go for the rest of the week.

You’d feel like my schedule has been ruined in some way, and it only makes sense to start fresh the next week.

You may do this a lot for other aspects of your life as well.

It may not be easy to recognize it, but this is procrastination. It starts slowly and the next thing you know, you’ve missed 4 months of your gym or classes.

The only way to avoid this is to get into the habit of picking yourself up and just doing it now!

There is no reason to wait to start the next day, month or year. The best way to be consistent and achieve your goals is to pick yourself up today…now.

4. You Don’t Feel It.

Again, one thing that can throw you off your goals is the habit of not doing things simply because you don’t feel like it. This happens often, it’s just human nature. But it does not have to be that way for you.

What it truly takes to achieve your goals and become successful is that, it is not always going to be a smooth ride. A lot of the time you will have to do things that you do not feel like.

In order to be comfortable someday, you need to be uncomfortable now.

Keeping these concepts in mind will remind you of what it takes to achieve your goals. This will motivate you to get up and do more.

When it is too hard to get up and do the work, sometimes you need to apply a positive force, When you are faced with an uncomfortable situation and are overcome with doubt, count backwards from 3. When you get to 1 you have to do something.

It will be easier to do the uncomfortable task then.

5. Re-launch.

When you are so passionate about achieving your goals, you might take on too much responsibility all at once. This could be more than what you are capable of handling and could quickly lead to burn out.

To avoid losing your consistency because you are not feeling up to working, it is best to schedule it in.

Some people believe that scheduling fun activities or self-care routines takes the fun out of it. But I would prefer to take them time off before the burn out happens. This way I can continue to achieve my goals and look after my health as well.

6. The Master Plan.

This may not be obvious to some of you, but if you want to achieve any of your goals, you have to PLAN well. (Remember that the plan distinguishes a goal from a dream)If you want to be consistent and to achieve your goals, you need to know WHAT YOU NEED TO BE CONSISTENT IN. And the only way to do that is to plan it out.

There are multiple techniques to planning to be the most productive. To-do lists, scale of preference, reminders and many others.

This is the one step that you cannot skip. The first step to making your dreams a reality by planning everything out.

Remember that you truly CAN achieve your goals through planning and consistency. But when life gets in the way and you need to refocus, these tips will surely help you get back on track.

So start working on your goals today. If you start getting side tracked, try out these tips and let us know how they worked for you.

How else do you ensure consistency in carrying out the plans for your goals? Please let us know in the comments below. Be kind to share!






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