How To Be The Most Interesting Person In The Room

You want to be interesting, but Day in, day out doing the “same old, same old” thing can be so boring. Even a small introduction of something or someone new can stimulate your life enough to shift it into the expansive one that you want to lead.

Of course, everyone is different when it comes to taking a decision on how you want your life to be. Where you fall as an introvert or extrovert, it does not necessarily define your desire for stimulation, though. As introverts may find books or activity with one or two just as fulfilling as a room full of people to talk to that an extrovert may find more to his or her liking.

But whichever it is, find sweet spot for you to do your best work, try out new things, expand your mind, learn new things and connect better with others is crucial for you to leading that balanced, healthy and fulfilled life you desire.

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Now let’s go


1. Be a pupil (Yes, a Pupil, the barest Pupil) 

Irrespective of your age, experience or qualifications, learning never ends. Enrolling in a class is a great way to meet new people, challenge yourself, and acquire a new skill or knowledge. Or, go back to school for that degree you always wanted. Just learn something new, again

2. Create a group

Take your interest a step further and create or join a group. Combine your interest with the social aspect of discussing your ideas to gain social benefits, too. You know, a group of people with same interest as you could be what to need to turn things around…

3. Improve your time.

Start a timer and challenge yourself to perform the task faster. Get others to help so that you have someone to talk do while doing the task and it will go by faster. Time is Money you know, get good use of it

4. Learn a new word each day.

You should challenge yourself to learn new words every 2-3 days interval. Sometimes those words stretched out longer than a week but it was fun to challenge myself to use those words in a sentence. We should all expand our vocabulary as I didn’t know some of them myself! I personally do that from time to time. Try it out too!

5. Switch up your exercise routine.

Try a new sport, go to the gym, or new exercise group from there, you’d definitely find people that interest you, and you get along. There are much interesting things attached to the gym

6. Make a list of day trips or affordable weekend getaways.

Set aside your Saturday or Sunday to go on outing, meet old friends and people that inspires you. Trust me, it’s a very good way to spend the weekend

7. Study a foreign language.

Most of us were thought French in Secondary school. You can Revive that language, take it up and  plan a trip to a country where they speak it. Be interesting !

8. Travel somewhere new.

Trying out different cultures and breaking out of your routine this way really sharpens the mind open you to learn new things about other people. Include this in your plans. It’s always an interesting thing to do

9. Make a contact.

Pick up the phone and call that friend you have lost contact with to reestablish that friendship and make plans to call again or meet up.

10. Teach a class.

You can create one to publish online or community center level. Share your talents and skills with others and watch the expansion multiply!

Sometimes, I know this can be the last thing we need at certain times in our lives. If that is the case, and you are feeling overworked, tone it down to make your life more relaxing and less stressful. Here are a few ideas to dial it down to catch your breath:

  • Tell others you are taking a break and won’t be texting, calling, or socializing for a bit.
  • Listen to soft music or nature sounds or even choose stillness and total silence.
  • Eat healthy foods simply prepared.
  • Meditate to achieve better focus and calmness.

So also, take good care of yourself. You are not only in this. When a problem goes, like automatically comes with another one. Just do what you can do, strive to survive and make be happy!


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