How To Get Clients and Grow Your Business As An Introvert

One thing many of us don’t know, maybe some of us knew but don’t want to accept is that starting and building a business of any size is not just reserved for extroverts. There are equally as many thriving introverts with successful businesses. You can go your own (quiet) way and be an outstanding businessman or woman. One doesn’t exclude the other, I can tell you this for free.

You can be anything, from full blow introvert to ambivert, and still have a passion to grow your business, this is a fact. You can dislike loud, bold and shouting sales strategies and still be great at marketing and selling your products.

One of my mentee told me she’s quite an introverted person and has been for a long time. For some reason she has always suffered with anxiety in a wide range of different scenarios, and yet to find a solution as to how to deal with all of them. With that in mind, it’s made it increasingly difficult to grow her business; as networking tends to play a huge part in finding & acquiring new clients. That left me in a difficult position where I had to start thinking outside the box and trying to figure out a variety of different methods of client acquisition I can give her, I did gave her some advice and she reached out to me last week that they worked for her😁. Below are some actionable advice for getting new clients as an introvert, which I told my mentee



I told her that from my personal experience of running a business, one has to focus on his/her strengths. Being an introvert is a strength just as being an extrovert. I told her to focus on her strength and not get sucked into the con-trepreneur lifestyle that she sees plastered all over social media. After a day or two of searching through YouTube, you’d be easily convinced that you HAVE to be knocking on doors, calling random businesses and filming Facebook Live videos whilst cleaning your (neighbour’s) Lexus jeep😂, when in reality you don’t have to do any of that. Double down on what you’re good at and outsource client acquisition if needs be.

You will need to understand what you’re comfortable with & what you’re good at. As an introvert it’s likely that you’re not a fan of putting yourself out there in public, and meeting people face-to-face, especially if it’s in a large group! So to compensate you’ve probably developed some decent skills behind the computer screen (or phone). With that in mind you’ll want to focus your efforts in building an online platform for yourself which can eventually sell your services itself, I hope you are following ☺️

Creating a social media page or platform is not enough, you will need to be very active. Try to know the relevant hashtags that your target market will likely be using and post around them, that’s like hanging around where they hand.


One thing that I’ve consciously done to grow my business, is to help out highly extroverted people and have them shout my praises for me. The reason for this is because I knew that I wasn’t overly confident in promoting myself on social media, regardless of how good I thought my work was, so instead I would work with extroverted individuals who were more than happy to publicly praise my efforts for me.

The best part about this is that there’s really no limit to who you could help. I myself have found extroverted business owners in Facebook Groups, on IG groups  and on my Twitter connect, many of which were more than grateful when I offered my advice (and services) for free. You might lose out financially on the first couple of projects, but when you have the public backing of someone who has a growing network around them; that initial investment becomes priceless.

What you’ll want to do is find a business owner who’s confident in front of the camera, reach out to them and state that you’re looking to build your portfolio and that you’re willing to work for free in return for a video testimonial. If they accept your offer then you have to do your magic, producing your best work, and then get that video testimonial off of them. You may find that they post their review to their own social media feed however this isn’t overly important, the main purpose of the video testimonial is to add it to your online portfolio for future clients to see.


As an introvert you’ve already demonstrated that you struggle with getting new clients, so it would make sense to go over and above for the clients that you already have. Your focus should be on establishing great, long-term, business relationships with them – as opposed to just making a ‘quick buck’. Remember that it’s much easier to sell to a client that’s already purchased from you, than it is to sell to a stranger.

Also it goes without saying that your clients may recommend your services to a friend or colleague of theirs, so make sure that you’re providing the best possible service each and every time, as a way of ensuring the long-term future of your business.

In most of my business articles and posts, I have always suggested that entrepreneurs should always try to niche down their business, focusing on a specific demographic that they want to help – and I stand by that opinion, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t offer additional services once you’ve already established a positive relationship with your client.

Don’t underestimate the power of repeat business, especially when there are so many additional income streams that you can tap into once you’ve earnt their trust.

Thanks for reading this article ☺️ Now, share with every introverts and all business owners that you know.

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