How To Sell To People on Social Media (Social Selling)

Almost 2 billion people use social media today and you can now do so much more than just chats. You can promote and even sell a product on social media. It is called social Selling.

Social selling is when a business uses social media to directly sell or promote their goods. It’s the latest way to develop meaningful relationships with potential customers by connecting with them.

It’s quite simply using online social tools to engage in the relationship-building strategies that have always been the foundation of what good sales professionals do.

On the other hand, selling on social media is not about bombarding strangers or followers with unsolicited Tweets and private messages. This is spamming. You need to nurture and build your relationship with followers, posting the best most informative content about your products to the right audience at the right time.

Here are few Tips and Advanced Guidelines to “Sell Out” on Social Media

1. Source for referrals from a satisfied client.

In other to get sold out and remain in business, ensure you demand for referrals from satisfied clients. If you see a mutual friend or an industry peer you’re in good terms with in their list, ask if they could introduce you to them. You’d increase the brand army that way and reach more potentials. ‎


2. Listen and Always work to resolve Customers Complains

Customer complaints, bad PR, and business mishaps can tarnish a brand’s image and reputation. Beyond promoting your business on social media, social selling also involves responding to and resolving customer complaints.

If you spot a comment from customers expressing their dismay with your company’s product or service, give your community management team a heads-up to address it immediately. Since salespeople represent a brand, they should also be skilled in crisis management for social media.

3. Share your success stories / Reviews

You can say that your business is excellent at this or that, but without proof to back up those claims, they’re just empty declarations. To earn the trust of your prospects, show proof like reviews on your socials.

You can share links on your social media channels that point to the testimonials sections published on your site or share a photo of a customer with a summary of their success story and your brand logo.

4. Implement social listening

Social listening allows you to know what your prospects want or need, as well as monitor your current customers’ sentiments (both positive and negative) about your brand, products, and services. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate that you’re listening and an excellent opportunity to provide your way outs.

You can use social tools to monitor conversations involving your brand, products, and services. You can set up social listening notifications, so when a prospect mentions a problem that you’ve assigned as a trigger, you can address it immediately.

5. Join relevant groups and forums

Apart from joining industry-known groups to keep you updated on trends, find out which Facebook or LinkedIn groups your potential customers are members of and join them, as well.

When a post comes up, and you happen to have something valuable to add to the discussion, do so. However, don’t hard-sell your products or services; otherwise, you can be kicked out of the group.


These are some of the most effective ways your brand can increase sales by using social media. As you can see, these tips mainly involve winning the trust of your target audience.

You also need to ensure that your brand is highly visible to a relevant audience. And take advantage of the opportunity to use content that will engage, entice, and compel potential customers to try your products or services.

It’s also crucial that you make it easy to purchase your products through social media platforms. The goal is to minimize any hassles or steps that might dissuade people from making a purchase.

Got any questions about these tips or any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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