Reasons Why You Should Mind Your Own Business

There are lots of benefits to gain in minding your own business 😀, these benefits are what you need to live a peaceful life.

In life,we come into contact with many people with different issues that concerns us or not.
But for everyone to know his or her boundaries sometimes becomes a matter of problem to talk about. In this post I will share with you the reasons why you should mind your own business.

Reasons Why You Should Mind Your Own Business

1.You become awesome and respected when you mind your own business:
Anyone who is capable of minding his own business is undoubtedly awesome!.This very person commands respect as well.For anyone else to show maturity by not stepping in people’s matters uninvited  shows high level of  maturity.

Let’s say you see two friends arguing vehemently about the taste of the food they ate yesterday, you can sit there and do your own thing because what those two friends ate has nothing to do with  your life.When they get tired or satisfied with their arguments, they will get close to you with different and important matter and that could be in a form of advise request.

Be gentle enough to speak your mind in a respectful way and in turn the respect will come back to you.Like we all know, respect is reciprocal.

That is how it will make you look awesome, because you know your boundaries, you know when to talk and when not to talk,you know what is necessary talking about and what is not necessary talking about.In this case your friends or anyone who knows about your awesomeness will present only reasonable topics to you seeking your advise and help.

2.You become productive when you mind your own business:
When you mind your own business you become very efficient in life by being successful in almost everything you do. This is true because you  will have no time for drama.The time people would be using to gossip and interfere in other people’s business would be the time for you to focus on your life and your own business.

This will make you invest much time in whatever you are doing.Assuming you are a baker,you bake 100 loaves of bread a day when you visits your friend to gossip about his or her marriage problems by spending two or three hours there.

At the end you will realise that the hours spent there has been a wastage.I usually don’t like referring to unproductive situations like this  as wastage but only if the person learns a lesson from it,then I wouldn’t call it a wastage but a “lesson”.If the person learns the lesson I am talking about and spend the two hours or three hours gossip time in his or her bakery, bread output could shift from 100 loaves a day to 150 loaves a day. This is one great importance of minding your own business.

3.Peace and happiness results from minding your own business:
When you mind your own business you are always at peace with yourself. Since you don’t call for drama and drama don’t calls you, you are always at peace to plan for your life on how to achieve your goals. When you see him sitting on his rocking chair or at the balcony or backyard, you dare not go there interrupt his peace with nagging questions.There is nothing sweeter than having a peace of mind.

4.Minding your business wades away enemies:
When you always mind your own business your enemies will never get you to mock at,all their evil plans would not materialise. They might set a trap to get you into argument or destruction but since you focus on minding your  own business their plans wouldn’t be anything for you to take a glance at.You would be free from all their traps because you are too busy minding your own business going about your daily routines or work.It certainly sets you free from troubles.

After telling you about minding your own business I would like to draw your attention on something crucial in life that disrupts the “mind your own business” lesson. Here I will cite a few examples.

Let’s say you are at the road side and you see armed robbers at a distance, in this case would you mind your own business?. Hell no!, because lives are at risks so the best thing for you to do is simple,just call for the police.

That is part of our civil rights.Here you have to mind that business that is not yours. If I have said you should always mind your business it doesn’t mean when you see your friend in life threatening situation you should refuse to offer help. No,please don’t do that.

The Baddest Side For Minding Your Business

Again you shouldn’t mind your own business when you see a friend’s house on fire. Help quench it or call the fire fighters for immediate intervention.
This makes you a good citizen.

In conclusion, it is advisable for everyone to mind his or her own business and at the same time know when to cross boundaries and when not to cross boundaries.This shows maturity in life.So we should all-wise up to know when to interfere into people’s businesses and when not to interfere into people’s businesses.Thanks for spending your time reading this, I hope you have learnt something good out of it.If so let me read from you,your comments, feedbacks and contributions. Mind your own business. Smile. 🥰🥰🙌🙌

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  1. True Talk. Olorun a ko wa mo shey. Wisdom belongs to God, May He God grant us the grace in Jesus name.

  2. This is a very great leason and I have been practicing this for sometime and sometimes I wish to leave it… But with this point Ive learnt more.. Thanks God bless you and increase you in knowledge will look forward to read more from you

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